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Transcell single ended beam load cell is high-quality and well-designed with nickel-plated treatment, which offers a great protection against corrosion. It also provides excellent stability and high accuracy for various applications, including:

  • Floor scales
  • Blending and mixing system
  • Belt scale and batching system
  • And more
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Features & Benefits

  • Alloy Steel Construction / Stainless Steel (Option)
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • Unique “Blind” Loading Hole
  • Easy To Install
  • Protected Against Corrosion by Nickel-Plated Treatment

*Suitable for floor scales, blending & mixing systems and batching systems, etc.

Technical Specifications

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SBTL-ESH V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SB V18.7 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SB-V17.3 - Single Ended Beam

SBS V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBSZ V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBSB V20.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBS-ESH V18.4 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBSK V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBST V17.3 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBSZ V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

SBT V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

TA-V17.3 - Single Ended Shear Beam

TSB V18.5 - Single Ended Shear Beam

Rated Output2.0mV/V ± 0.1%
Zero Balance± 10% of rated output
Creep± 0.03% of applied load
Nonlinearity± 0.03% of rated output
Hysteresis± 0.03% of rated output
Repeatability± 0.03% of rated output
High Accuracy1/3000
Temp Effect on Output± 0.003% of reading/°C
Temp Effect on Zero± 0.003% of output/°C
Cable Length5m [16.9ft]
Safe Temp Range-20 to +70°C
Temp Comp Range-10 to +40°C
Safe Overload150% of capacity
Ultimate Overload300% of capacity
Input Impedance387 Ω
Output Impedance350 Ω
Insulation Resistance5000 MΩ
Rated Excitation10 V DC/AC
Max Excitation15 V DC/AC
SBTL-ESH V18.5 View Sheet
SB V18.7 View Sheet
SBS V18.5 View Sheet
SBSZ V18.5 View Sheet
SBSB V20.5 View Sheet
SBS-ESH V18.4 View Sheet
SBSK V18.5 View Sheet
SBST V17.3 View Sheet
SBSZ V18.5 View Sheet
SBT V18.5 View Sheet
TA V17.3 View Sheet
TSB V18.5 View Sheet


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