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Our commitment to quality and reliability drives every solution we engineer, every load cell we deliver, and every service we provide. That’s the reputation we have built since Transcell started in 1981.

The Transcell team embraces that culture. We approach problems differently, looking beyond today for solutions that ensure our customers’ future. And that’s the weight we proudly carry.

We’re where we are because of Charles Liang, the company’s founder. He always looked for ways to make things better – for his family and for others. He began planting those seeds with a simple business started in Taiwan at 12-years-old. There was no stopping him.

His vision of an innovative company required courage.

He started the business in his garage, driven by the opportunity to produce higher-quality products. Beginning by producing technically superior postal and shipping scales, he leveraged that expertise into other products and equipment using load cells.

Build for Speed & Quality

We position Transcell to meet the challenges of 24/7 global business and manufacturing. We begin engineering your product or integrated solution at our headquarters outside Chicago. Then our manufacturing team based in Taiwan and China get to work bringing your new solution to life.

Our name means we go beyond load cells and torque sensor components. We offer vertical integration without the need for third-party vendors. It keeps things simple for you, and for us. With teams in different international timezones, we deliver solutions faster and with higher quality.

The bottom line: We handle the details so you can focus on your business.

Our Promise

We hold each other accountable to ensure our solutions meet the latest quality standards and deliver optimum results. Equally important, we apply the same accountability to our customer service.


Connecting The Dots for Industry Solutions

We help you see the possibilities for load cells, force sensors, digital weight measurement, and more. See how our solutions and applications in other industries can help you too.

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