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operating room with robotic surgical equipment

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Using Our Load Cells in Robotic Surgery Systems

Medical equipment manufacturers and surgeons rely on our load cell technology for precise guidance and calibration of surgical equipment. Through significant research and development, we have engineered and refined load cells to support modern medical applications.

Get Precision Control

  • Continuum robots for endoscopy, colonoscopy, or neurosurgery
  • Intraoperative diagnostic equipment
  • Laparoscopic clamping pressure testing


Performance and Accuracy When it Matters

Our force sensors measure dynamic, static, and quasi-static tension, as well as compression and torque. Precision stainless steel components offer various applications for robotic surgical systems.

Features Designed with Confidence

  • Small size
  • Haptic feedback
  • Signal processing functionality
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Extensive range of force measurement
  • Long life span
  • Reliability
medical person in scrubs and rubber gloves holding a robotic surgical device

Integrated Solutions

Components for Capturing Critical Feedback

Load Cells and Strain Gauges

Depending on the measurements and feedback needed, robotic surgical equipment incorporates one or more load cells.

Mini S-Beam

We manufacture a range of capacities for this component, often used in robotics and force measurements.

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Mini s-beam compared as smaller than the size of a quarter

Torque Transducers

Our all-aluminum reaction torque sensors install easily into robotics and other equipment requiring precise torque measurements.

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Pancake Load Cell

For floor installation, the rugged component is outfitted with our “pancake” load cell for inventory monitoring, batching, etc.

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Load Cells

Transcell's high-end load cell technology integrates direct force measurement capability into your products and processes.

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a Load Cell part

Signal Processing

Processing the feedback assures the reliable operation of robotic surgical equipment. Our engineers design instrumentation for precision control.

  • Digital displays
  • Force, duration, and timing
  • Data capture for quality assurance
  • PLC and Digital I/O integration
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity

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Custom Solutions

Engineering Force Measurement for Robotic Surgery

Our miniature load cells are applied in robotic surgical systems based on their capacity and designs. These load cells can be used for off-the-shelf applications. Our engineers and designers can also work with you to design custom load cells that fit your needs.

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