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Transcell mini S-Beam load cell comes with a wide range of capacity selection. It is easy to implement and very durable. Suitable for robotics and force measurements.

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Features & Benefits

  • S-Type Load Cell
  • Easy To Install
  • Aluminum Construction (0.25Ib~10Ib)
  • Stainless Steel Construction (25Ib~100Ib)

* Suitable for robotics and force measurements, etc.

Technical Specifications

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Everything you need to know about these little
guys in a simple package.

BMF200 V19.11 - Mini S-Beam

Mini S-Beam - BMF200 V19.11 diagram
Rated Output2.0mV/V / 0.5mV/V (0.25lb) / 1mV/V (0.5lb)
Zero Balance± 0.06mV/V
Nonlinearity± 0.1% of RO (10-100lb) / ± 0.2% of RO (2-5lb) / ± 0.3% of RO (0.25-0.5lb)
Hysteresis± 0.1% of RO (10-100lb) / ± 0.2% of RO (2-5lb) / ± 0.3% of RO (0.25-0.5lb)
Repeatability± 0.1% of rated output
Temp Effect on Output± 0.036% of reading/°C
Temp Effect on Zero± 0.018% of output/°C
Safe Overload1000% of capacity / 200% of capacity (50-100lb)
Safe Temp Range-30 to +70°C
Temp Comp Range-10 to +40°C
Bridge Resistance1000 Ω (0.25-0.5lb) / 350 Ω (2-100lb)
Insulation Resistance500 MΩ
Rated Excitation10 V DC/AC
Max Excitation20 V DC/AC
Cable Length1.52m [5.0ft]
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