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Supporting Increased Efficiency, Accuracy, and Safety

Transcell bending beam load cell is hermetically sealed, highly accurate, stable, and dependable. It is easy to install, ideal for harsh industrial environments, and suitable for tank-packing scales, belt scales, and batching systems, etc.

Common Applications

  • Grain Flow Sensors
  • Axle Scales
  • Hydraulic Planting Controls
  • Livestock Scales
  • Tractor-Implement Positioning
  • Silage Weighing
  • Poultry Feed Monitoring
  • Power Take Off (PTO) Torque and Speed Measuring
  • And more

Custom Engineering

Vertical Integration That Helps You Grow

Transcell ensures your project success with vertical integration that completes your project faster and with a greater ROI. We keep engineering and production in-house so you don’t need to worry about inferior third-party solutions.

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Systems That Build Your Business

We partner with OEM equipment companies that need engineering services and measuring products that deliver optimum performance and confidence.

  • Tractors
  • Implements
  • Harvesters
  • Livestock feeders
  • Silage weighing
  • Irrigation
  • Cattle Scales
  • And More

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White-Label Services

Products that Measure Up

Brands offering a single source for customers needing agriculture products and supplies put their name on our weighing equipment and confidence in our technology.

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Test and measurement


Resources Ready to Help You

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