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Precise Robotic Drilling and Filling

Our load cells capture critical force measurements in automated equipment used for drilling holes and setting rivets in aerospace parts such as fuselage pieces, securing nutplates, and skin-stringer riveting, among other aerospace applications. Using robotic equipment for precision drilling, filling, and bucking thousands of holes on a single aircraft offers significant bottom-line benefits for aerospace manufacturers.

  • Reduced aircraft assembly time
  • Less labor required
  • Achieve greater precision
  • Produce fewer defects
  • Reduced lost-time injuries
  • Monitor production more easily


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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Helping Aerospace Manufacturers Take Flight

Without precision engineering, high-performance load cells won’t deliver on the promise of production automation. Our engineers help you integrate load cells into your automated equipment to speed up your aerospace manufacturing applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The world’s leading aircraft manufacturers are investing heavily into robotics to automate aerospace production applications, including drilling, fastener inserting, riveting, sealing, painting, and sanding.

While automated aerospace solutions must perform with high precision, incorporating robotic tools and components reduces assembly time, reduces the need and costs for manual labor, delivers greater precision with fewer defects, and eliminates lost-time injuries from demanding production work.

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