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Stainless-steel construction and dynamic loading module make the SBSZ-FWC Weigh Module ideal for process weighing applications that are outdoors or in corrosive environments.


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Stainless steel construction

Dynamic loading module

Adjustable leveling and positioning bolts

Technical Specifications

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Rated Output2.0mV/V ± 0.1%
Zero Balance± 1% of rated output
Creep± 0.03% of applied load
Nonlinearity± 0.03% of rated output
Hysteresis± 0.03% of rated output
Repeatability± 0.03% of rated output
Temp Effect on Output± 0.002% of reading/°C
Temp Effect on Zero± 0.002% of output/°C
Cable Length6m (0.25-5t) / 9.5m (10-13.5t) / 13m (20t)
Safe Temp Range-10 to +70°C
Temp Comp Range-10 to +40°C
Safe Overload150% of capacity
Input Impedance387 Ω
Output Impedance350 Ω
Insulation Resistance5000 MΩ
Rated Excitation10 V DC/AC
Max Excitation15 V DC/AC
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