Digital weight Indicators

World Class Digital Weight Scales & Indicators

Piece Counting, Checkweighing, Batching, Accumulating, Animal Hold, Peak Hold, Truck In/Out or just straight weight, our state of the art digital weight indicators can do it. All of our indicators will interact with any type of analog sensor (load cell, transducer, resistive strain gauge) and will be able to digitally translate the signal into a weight. These indicators can also communicate this weight to your printers, remote displays, hand held computer (iOS or Android), PLC, or to a pc.

How Weight Scales Work

With a load cell, once weight is applied to weight scales, it will produce a simple electric current which is then sent out to the digital weight indicator. From here, it will then translate this current into a readable digital output.

If you need a hard copy of certain readouts, you can also directly connect our digital indicators to a serial printer for easy on demand printing.

For more advanced jobs, you can connect our digital indicators to a computer using our wireless technology to gather information such as gross weight, counting, tare weight, net weight, ID numbers and a whole slew of other info for which you can then store in a database for easy future reporting. This is the ideal method if your application requires computer software for invoicing, quality control, batch jobs, warehousing and distribution.

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