Digital Scales

High Quality Digital Scales

Welcome to our selection of electronic digital scales for a variety of weighing applications. For over 30 plus years, Transcell has been the leader in providing quality scales to the public. Whether you’re in need of a balance scale, counting scale, floor scale, portable scale or postal scale, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

All of our scales are quality made and calibrated so that the graduations are accurate to one division. Some are from 0.0001Kg to 0.001Kg. Therefore, if you’re in the medical, postal or industrial sector and precision readouts are critical to your business, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Types of Scales
Balance Scales

If rate calculating postal balance scales are what you need, then our SPS-10C and SPS-10D balance scales are the ideal choice for any small package situation. They are lightning fast and have the latest super hybrid sensor technology which gives real time readouts even as weight changes.

Counting Scales

Our Transcell counting scales are the ideal scale for ensuring that nothing is left to chance due to human error. Each of our TCS3T Series counting scale allows you to easily get a number count on whatever it is you are counting. Whether it’s to count the number of pills to fill a prescription or to pack a certain amount of screws in a package, our counting scales allows you to complete your inventory easily and efficiently.

Floor Scales

Our proprietary Transcell “Guardian Floor Scales” comes in a number of sizes ranging from 4×4, 4×5, 4×6 and 5×5. These Floor scales can be used in any situation where you would need to weigh a pallet, barrel, drums or even livestock. With a diamond plate and tube steel frame they are robust and made to last. Our floor scales are the ideal solution for ensuring the weight of your shipments. They can be also used to check the weight of all your incoming pallets.

Portable Scales

Portable scales are also good choice if you need something easily transportable. Our portable scales are great for companies in the industrial, food or agricultural sector as it allows them to be agile for when the task demands it.

Postal Scales

Postal Scales or mailing and shipping scales are best used when you have a batch of mail to send out but don’t want to spend countless hours applying postage rates to each envelope or package. Our postal scales provides exact weight measurements so that you won’t waste money by affixing extra stamps to be on the safe side.