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About Transcell

We engineer and manufacture load and force measurement solutions for heavy equipment on the digital construction site. Our engineering team custom designs load cell and force transducer components, including CAN bus solutions, for the new age of digital-supported construction equipment.

Illustration showing torque measurement applications using reaction and rotary torque sensors

Force and Torque Measurement Solutions for Construction

The same load and force measurement technology Transcell has designed and implemented for manufacturing plants can also be used in the challenging conditions of construction site environments – offering many of the same benefits, and more:

  • Operate longer and with less labor
  • Improve job-site safety
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Increase equipment lifespan
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Automated and remote equipment control
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Improved materials management
  • Greater precision

Advantages of CAN Bus Systems

  • Adaptable – Supports advanced functionality in construction equipment
  • Connected – Integrates with cloud computing for robust data analysis
  • Versatile – Incorporates services based on the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Future-focused – Supports rapid growth in equipment telematics for autonomous operation
  • Low Cost – Single CAN systems communicate with ECUs
  • Weight Savings – Less wiring, fewer harnesses, and a small footprint
  • Simple – Easy deployment with a single entry point that communicates with all networked ECUs
  • Tough – Averse to electrical disturbances and electromagnetic interference
  • Agile – Field data helps OEMs troubleshoot, test, and improve systems
  • Secure – Enterprise-grade security compatible with WiFi, 3G, and 4G
  • Smart – CAN frames prioritize data for immediate access
Photo of load master supervising work
Illustration showing both pancake load cell and load pin locations for a hydraulic force measurement application

Construction Industry Applications

  • Digital dozers
  • Self-driving trucks
  • Tower crane lift limiters
  • Stability control and warnings
  • Auto-adjusting plows and compactors
  • Aggregate weighing
  • Draft control

We Get You From Input To Output

Transcell engineers customize signal processing solutions that integrate with your systems, ensuring you get the information you need from your load cell or force transducer application. Your options for signal processing when we design your solution include the following:

Signal Processing – Digital Output Options

Signal Processing – Analog Output Options

RS-232 A 9-pin digital serial connection to a computer, PCL or simple data logger

Isolated RS-232 Eliminates signal noise and protects computers from voltage from improper grounding and common-mode transient events.

RS-485 A Modbus protocol interface that serves multiple devices attached to the same bus with output to USB, GSM or Ethernet ports.

USB The port supplies power to a load cell, digitizes the analog signal, and serves as a communication protocol

Ethernet IP Interface converts the analog signal and transmits digital data serially via EtherNet/IP (EIP). The device uses an XPort embedded device server which appears as an EtherNet/IP slave on a network.

Modbus TCP/IP – A serial communications protocol for use with programmable logic controllers (PCLs).

Profibus DP – The protocol communicates between field load cells and control systems or controllers. The platform is based on RS485 and the EN-5017 European standard and handles wired, wireless, and fiber optic transmission.

PROFINET – The versatile and secure Ethernet interface handles precise, ultra-fast industrial communication for industrial applications. It supports communication through IO-controllers and IO-receivers.

CAN bus – A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) eliminates the need for multiple signal wires or computers to manage complex serial communications. Uses: Vehicles, elevators, manufacturing equipment, and household appliances, etc.

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